How to create a new moment?

To create a moment just click on the plus sign on the top right of the app. Then just add a short title and change the date to a certain day (default is the actual date), month, season or just the year. You also have the possibility to add, define as many categories and subcategories and change […]

Categories and Subcategories

As soon as you edit or create a moment the section with the categories are available. Categories are optional but using them, MOMENTRY will gain a lot of power. By choosing as many categories and subcategories as you want, the filters will give you the ability to find your moments fastly and easily. Categories are easy to […]

Deleting media assets within a moment

To delete media assets (pictures, videos, music, recordings) within a moment, just tap long on it and wait until the cross sign appears in the very top right corner. A click on it deletes that single file. You can do the same for a single moment. Just go to the overview where you can see the tiles and […]

How to delete a moment?

If you want to delete a moment, just go to the tiles view and tap long on the one you want to delete. The moment starts shaking and a cross appears on the top right corner. Select the cross and the moment will be deleted. With the same procedure you can also remove a single media […]

How to filter and search for moments?

Filtering via categories Just tap on  “tap here for filtering” and you will only see the moments which include the selected categories. This is done by a so called “AND” logic. If you add a meaningful category to your moments, your future search will get very powerful and exciting. Example: If you add some categories like holiday, family, daughter and son to […]

Related moments

Within a moment you can access and find the “related moments” at the bottom. These moments are selected due to certain and weighted criteria of the actual shown. There you will only see those moments which fall under the filter criteria.

Short tutorial

You can always open the short tutorial within MOMENTRY. Just go to settings (toothed wheel symbol) and there you’ll find it under “tutorial”. To get also a very good overview of  the major features just go and see our video at the very beginning of this website (click on the “HOME” button).  


MOMENTRY stores all your data on your iPad and only within MOMENTRY. There is no way to access your data from the outside. If you connect your device with iTunes then all your data within MOMENTRY will be also stored on your PC. So you can restore your data anytime (e.g. if you lose your iPad). […]

Direct support/questions

For direct support and questions contact us via e-mail: You can also go to the settings menu (toothed wheel/feedback) and send us your questions via mail.