How to create a new moment?

To create a moment just click on the plus sign on the top right of the app.

Then just add a short title and change the date to a certain day (default is the actual date), month, season or just the year.

You also have the possibility to add, define as many categories and subcategories and change them anytime (see more under categories).

Now to describe your moment just add the following elements:


Copy paste your text from any other source via the iOS functionalities or just type your own.

You can also use Siri if available and activated (you will see a microphone symbol on the virtual keyboard) and your spoken words will be translated into normal text.

Note: Be aware that Siri needs an internet connection. Before using this feature also see the documentation from Apple about Siri.


Choose photos from the library stored on your iPad/Ipad mini or take a new picture.


Choose a video file from your library or just record a new one.


Choose an audio file from your iTunes library or just record your own.


With the arrow (on the top left) you will always get to the overview and the moment will be automatically saved at the actual status.

You moment will also be saved if the lock symbol is closed.

To edit a moment just click on the lock and you will see the bar to add content.