How to filter and search for moments?

Filtering via categories

Just tap on  “tap here for filtering” and you will only see the moments which include the selected categories.

This is done by a so called “AND” logic.

If you add a meaningful category to your moments, your future search will get very powerful and exciting.

Example: If you add some categories like holiday, family, daughter and son to a single moment, then the filtering will give you the answers to the following questions:

  • what were the moments that I had with my family?
  • show me all the moments that I had with my kids?
  • etc.

Filtering single media assets

At the same time you can select additional filters and here we also use the “AND” logic.

Just select the categories and narrow them down to certain moments:

  • which moments did I have with my family and also have pictures AND recording in it?
  • which moments did I have with my friends which have at least videos in it?
  • which moments have the word e.g.”car” within the texts?
  • etc.

Tip: It is possible to use more than one keyword by just putting a blank between (“car bike” will show all moments where the words “car” AND “bike” occur – AND logic!)


This combination and filtering of categories and the different media assets is an unique way to find and experience your best moments.