Click on the toothed wheel symbol to get to the settings:

The circle with the camera symbol will give you the option to save and take a picture, which will apear in the centre of the timeline.

  • Language: English or German
  • Settings:
    • Start date:  this sets the beginning of the timeline and can be changed anytime and has no impact on the moments already created
    • Title/Name: optional (appears below the timeline)
    • Slogan: optional (appears below the timeline)
    • Dynamic Background: background color will change when selecting one of the five default categories
    • Pattern Background:  the background pattern will also change when selecting one of the five default categories
    • scroll down to see additional settings!
    • Optimal Video Quality: video recordings will be compressed and saved with optimal quality
    • Save to Camera Roll: an additional copy of pictures and videos will be saved on your iPad if recorded and taken directly with MOMENTRY
  • Tutorial: review the tutorial of the most important features
  • Feedback: send us an e-mail with all your questions and thoughts about MOMENTRY
  • Info/FAQ: direct link to